We have a wide selection of seafood. Please feel free to contact us.

Nora Foods have MSC and ASC certification.

Trout and Salmon

We are proud to represent Espevær røykeri. The craftsmanship behind these smoked products makes this a winner.

Loins and filets

We offer top quality loins and fillets from Saithe, Cod, Catfish and Haddock.


We import shrimp from 10 different countries. We will be your chosen partner for safe import.

Norwegian lobster

We represent Læsø fish industry, Europe’s leading producer of Nephrops norvegicus.

We can deliver at short notice.



We supply high quality peeled crayfish tails for the industry. Peeled Coldwater shrimps are sourced from Norway / Canada / Greenland and the US. 10kgs IQF.



  • Canadian lobster blanch

  • Canadian lobster 

  • Argentinian Langoustine        

  • Wild caught
    Argentinian Langoustine shell on

  • Wild caught
    Argentinian Langoustine shell off

  • Wild caught
    Argentinan Langoustine peeled IQF 1kg bag



We have the whole range of Black tiger and Vannamei shrimps. IQF, block and topping.

Please feel free to contact us for offers.

Sushi products


We represent Europe’s biggest sushi supplier, KAGERER, in Norway. This gives us the possibility to offer full range of sushi products.


  • Frozen

  • Liquids (Sauces, oils and dressings)

  • Dried 

  • Ginger




Ytterøy chicken


Experience the taste of the safest and healthiest products from a small scale producer. Game changer in the chicken Industry in Norway.

Clean raw material – pure satisfaction